Truly Trustworthy SEO Company

The Top hallmarks of a truly trustworthy SEO company in Dallas Texas


Whether you run or own a small one person operation, a mom and pop enterprise, or a fast rising small to medium sized enterprise in the Forth Worth/Dallas Texas area, you cannot afford to ignore search engine marketing for your business. If you ignore it, you will sure feel the effects of your decision as your competitors begin to wear away your market share.

Wake up call: Old brands are not immune to the New Economy


It doesn’t matter if your business is a local institution and was passed from one generation to the next. All those decades of local goodwill is not going to insulate your business from the realities of the New Economy.


First, your local consumers are increasingly using the Internet to research their local purchasing decisions. They are turning to companies’ official sites, social media pages, and online reviews. You can’t afford to be invisible when your existing customers as well as prospective customers look up the solutions you offer online.

Second, modern increasingly Net-savvy customers are not particularly loyal. They are looking for specific solutions and if you can’t quickly and clearly communicate the fact that you have what they are looking for, they will quickly look to someone else.

Third, your customer base is connected to the Net on a 24/7 basis. Your online presence must be able to address their concerns more clearly than your competitors.


For the reasons above, you really cannot afford to mess around with the wrong SEO company. You need a Dallas SEO agency that has the following qualities. The more of these features the SEO company has, the more trustworthy and competent it is.


Founded and operated by local SEO expert professionals


Anyone can claim to be an ‘seo expert.’ Sadly, they typical seo agency covering Dallas and other metropolitan areas in the US simply outsource the work local businesses send to them to faceless, anonymous ‘online marketing’ firms based overseas. That’s how most of these run-of-the mill SEO consultant shops make money. They are simply arbitrage operations: they buy dirt cheap overseas SEO services and dump them on your unsuspecting businesses at a steep markup.


Real trustworthy Dallas SEO firms don’t engage in these shenanigans. All the work for your search engine optimization campaign is done in Dallas Texas. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Everything from analyzing your site’s existing strengths and weaknesses, to keyword research, to page optimization, and earning backlinks are done locally.


Why go local? When everything is done in one location, your service provider is fully accountable to you. If anything goes wrong or something needs adjustment, they can easily take care of the problem. The buck stops with them! Compare this situation with the all-too-typical outsourced SEO scenario where a local business gets penalized by Google and has to spend thousands of dollars on a truly professional SEO firm to fix the damage done by their previous SEO contractor. Oftentimes, the previous contractors stops replying to emails. Even if they do, they often have a tough time fixing the Google’s manual penalties or low ranks.


The accountability you get when you choose to do business with a local Dallas SEO expert service provider brings immense peace of mind!


Truly targeted Dallas SEO emphasis


A real qualified local city-based seo consultant would know that Dallas actually has many districts and local geographic nuances. Someone offering to optimize your pages based on the other side of the planet would be clueless about these nuances. Instead of being able to take advantage of the SEO benefits district-by-district localization brings, your site might end up having to deal with a higher than necessary level of competition from other Dallas companies offering the same services or merchandise.


A truly localized Dallas seo consultant will be able to spot distinct opportunities offered by your location. Maybe your company’s offerings need to be described using less competitive yet better targeted terms. Maybe your competitors tend to focus on certain parts of the city while neglecting key districts that may be home to many of your prospective customers. Maybe your company’s offerings would be better marketed using a mix of purely local and regional geographic tags.

Sadly, online marketing companies which aren’t based in Dallas would have a tough time spotting the opportunities above. That would be too bad because oftentimes these localized opportunities are low hanging fruit-your competitors are too busy going for the obvious that they end up giving up more lucrative search terms. If you do business with a truly local SEO service provider would you get this level of attention to local search optimization opportunities.


Great local branding experience

Google has been quite transparent about its preference for brands when it comes to SEO. Google has made it a point that it seeks to reward companies that are positioned as local brands. Sadly, too many search optimization service providers ignore this brand-focused approach. Instead, they restrict their local search strategy to simply finding the right keywords with the right intent. Not surprisingly, the way they attract backlinks for their clients tend to be shallow one-time deals.


Dallas seo companies that are worth their salt focus on building local brand relationships. They know the city like the back of their hands and they know that local businesses, despite the fact that they are not in the same industry, have symbiotic or organic relationships. This is how community businesses interact. It is the community that sets the context. Accordingly, a truly competent Dallas seo company would earn links for their local clients using brand alliances and brand-based outreach campaigns instead of cheap and increasingly dangerous backlink building techniques like buying expired domains of local Dallas websites. They would then post cheap content on these revived sites. The posts have links going to to your site. This is not only dangerous for your search rankings since Google can easily detect and penalize such links, these links don’t do anything to communicate your brand value or building brand relationships in your community.


Be on the lookout for the three key indicators above of providers of solid seo Dallas TX businesses respect. Otherwise, you might find out too late that you entrusted your local business’ online visibility to the wrong company.